Trigonica Simplicitas

Trigonica Simplicitas
International competition for the new archaeological museum of Cyprus
"An object which has always been lost cannot be remembered. The memory of which we speak, however, is not quite of an object but rather of a state- of something that was; and of something that was done, was made; an action. It is a collective memory kept alive within groups by legends and rituals. All of these have spun their fantasies round the framework of the lost plan, since every paradise necessarily be a lost one" Joseph Rykwert

Our deliberate intention was to design a new archaeological museum in Nicosia that would serve as a prominent city landmark and a vibrant cultural and creative hub. The museum would seamlessly integrate into the site, reimagining archetypal spatial arrangements and utilizing elements of Mediterranean expression as a means of synthesis. In essence, it would be a dynamic multicultural center that transcends the confines of a traditional museum building. The museum’s architecture is employed to foster social interaction, outdoor engagement, and a vital connection with light and nature, thereby facilitating the exploration and understanding of Cypriot culture.

In this project, the museum endeavors to merge with the site, following the dynamic urban patterns of its host city. Its discreet structure and dynamic yet concrete geometry are defined by inherent simplicity. Light serves as a guiding principle and defining element, creating exceptional spatial qualities and volumes. The new Archaeological Museum of Cyprus, with its understated form yet vibrant role as a cultural and social nexus, redefines the concept of a landmark. It is an accessible structure that offers varying degrees of introversion, carefully designed visual perspectives, and spatial experiences, captivating passersby and seamlessly integrating the museum as an extension and integral part of the city.

In this composition, all the aforementioned elements strive for harmony and a perfect equilibrium. They intersect, intertwine, and aim to achieve an optimally functional structure with minimal intervention. The museum embodies a timeless simplicity, transcending the constraints of time itself. It pays homage to the past while envisioning the future, promoting culture, social interaction, and the enduring value of Cypriot history in the present.

Trigonica Simplicitas. A new home for Cypriot culture.

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Architects: P4architecture
Design Team: Pyliotis Alkiviadis, Fokialis Evangelos
Contributors: Panopoulos Theodore, Xirokostas Michail
Architects Consultants:Konstantinos Pyliotis, Tassis Papaioannou (Professor in N.T.U.A.)
3D Visualization:  Konstantinos Koudounis  (Architectural Visualisation | Design Strategy)
Mechanical Engineer Consultant: Sourilas Konstantinos (KNS engineering consultants)
Museologist: Elpis Kalofolia
Area: 38130 m2
Project Year: 2017
Project Type: International Competition Entry