Mani Residences

Mani Residences
Three vacation houses in Mani, Greece
“The decisive, the necessary the useful, so much that there is no room for the inessential” D. Pikionis

The composition of the three distinct holiday homes in the Mani region was inspired by the study of the landscape, its unique characteristics, and the rich history of the land. Traditional Mani architecture served as a guiding principle, characterized by its intimate connection with the surrounding environment. The architecture embraced the concept of minimalism, employing stone, wood, and soil as essential compositional elements, responding to functional needs with minimal material and construction.

The primary challenge of this project was to maintain the essence of traditional Mani architecture while ensuring maximum privacy for each holiday home. The linear plot, facing southwest, featured a steep terrain slope, with the entrance located at the northern end and remnants of a traditional double threshing floor, known as the “aloni,” at the southern end.

The composition began by merging the entrance with the traditional threshing floor, restoring and transforming it into a communal space for the small residential complex. The visitor’s path was carefully organized as a straight course, parallel to the steep slope, functioning as the backbone of the overall structure.

A prominent feature of the composition is the dry stone wall, serving as the main compositional element. It creates lower-level stopping areas along the path, following the natural terrain slope.

The holiday homes, each unique yet directly connected to the visitor’s path, embody the scale and dimensions found in traditional Mani settlements. The first two houses, of the same type, are positioned parallel to the course and the slope of the plot.

In contrast, the third building block is oriented perpendicular to the course. Its semi-open space helps define and frame the path, while the southern opening ensures privacy for the residence.

Location: Mani, Messenia

Architects: P4architecture

Design Team: Alkiviadis Pyliotis, Evangelos Fokialis, Konstantinos Pyliotis 

Project Architect: Konstantinos Pyliotis

Structural Engineer Consultant: Nikolaos Loumakis

Contributors: Angeliki Chrysimou, Chrysothemis Kouloumenta, Panayiota Kyriakou

3D Visualization: blankwall.avs

Interior Design Consultant: Andreas Petropoulos

Mechanical Engineer Consultant: Sourilas Konstantinos (KNS engineering consultants)

Photography: STUDIOVD | Vavdinoudis-Dimitriou

Area: 220 m2

Project Year: 2017

Project Type: Commission (Completed) 

Status: Built