Frame of Creation

Frame of Creation
Hellenic competition for the school of fine arts in Florina
“When you’re in the studio painting, there are a lot of people in there with you - your teachers, friends, painters from history, critics [...] and one by one if you’re really painting, they walk out. And at the end, if you’re really painting you walk out too.” Philip Guston

The clarity and simplicity in the complex process of creation can be achieved by understanding and embracing the spatial structures that respond to the ever-changing needs of a creator. A School of Fine Arts holds a position in the public space that allows for a dynamic relationship with time.

In this proposal, historical elements are integrated to create a modern School of Fine Arts that acts as an active creator of the future. Spatial and organizational solutions tested over time refine the essence of the creative process, resulting in a basic dipole of introversion and extroversion. The school balances between individual and collective aspects, providing open structures for engagement and collaboration while also allowing for personal dialogue and introspection.

The school’s distinct structure and dynamic geometries are expressed clearly, referencing light as a defining element. Light plays a crucial role in the creative process, influencing the artistic result. The manipulation of light is carefully considered in building spaces, offering diverse solutions and experiences to fulfill artistic concerns.

In its form, the School of Fine Arts in Florina is silent yet resonant in its function. It serves as a nucleus of creation and culture, redefining the meaning of an educational institution and becoming a point of reference in the city.

Overall, light serves as a regulator and integral element of creation, shaping relationships between individuals, elements, and spaces. Its manipulation provides artists with a multitude of possibilities to explore and fulfill their poetic and artistic visions.

Location: Florina, Greece

Architects: P4architecture 

Design Team: Evangelos Fokialis, Alkiviadis Pyliotis

Architect Consultant: Mark Lee (Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Design) 

Contributors: Giorgos Chatzopoulos, Adrian Wong, Alexandros Spentzaris 

Texts: Alkiviadis Pyliotis, Anastasios Giannakopoulos  

3D Visualization:  Konstantinos Koudounis  

Civil Engineer Consultant: Demetrios Kokas

Mechanical Engineer Consultant: Sourilas Konstantinos (KNS engineering consultants) 

Area: 6400 m2

Project Type: International Competition Entry

Project Year: 2019