Dwelling Upon

Dwelling Upon
Vertical expansion to an old vacation house
“ The way in which you are and I am, the manner in which we humans are on the earth, is dwelling. To be a human being, means to dwell.” Martin Heidegger

On the seaside front of Navarino, there is a ground-level duplex vacation home built in the 1980s for two siblings. The new architectural plan involves adding a second level to the existing structure to accommodate another vacation residence for the third sibling in the family.

The proposal aims to create a modern dwelling with minimal intervention in the original shell, maximizing the visual views of the sea and surrounding hills. At the same time, it seeks to embrace Mediterranean living qualities by harmonizing the indoor and outdoor spaces, encompassing the triptych of Inside, Outside, and In-Between.

The design’s synthetic intentions are described in three distinct gestures:
A grid of beams will support the additional level, forming a new and separate space above the existing shell to house the new study.

An extended atrium will be centrally positioned to regulate the residence’s microclimate and facilitate movement throughout. This outdoor atrium will also divide public leisure spaces from private sleeping areas, ensuring the necessary privacy levels.

A second corresponding grid of beams will shape the new crown defining the residence. It will create two expanded semi-outdoor spaces that frame the breathtaking views, providing essential intermediate
areas for relaxation and enjoyment.

Lastly, subtle interventions will be made in the outdoor spaces of the plot to facilitate movement and accommodate necessary plantings, offering high-quality relaxation areas for all users.

This architectural concept endeavors to establish a vacation complex where the new structure coexists and engages in dialogue with the existing one, showing respect for its heritage. Rooted in the existing structure with its accumulated experiences and memories, the design will provide a shelter for new experiences to be shared among the members of an extended family.

Location: Messenia, Greece

Architects: P4architecture

Design Team: Alkiviadis Pyliotis, Evangelos Fokialis, Konstantinos Pyliotis, Panayiota Kyriakou

Structural Engineer: Skalos EPE (Demetrios Kokas)

Mechanical Engineer: Sourilas Konstantinos (KNS engineering consultants)

Area:175 m2

Project Type: Reuse – Vertical Expansion (Under Permit Issuance)