Cycladic Integration

Cycladic Integration
Design proposal for a cultural center in Paros
We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time.” T. S. Eliot

Site Analysis: This serves as the starting point for the study and composition of the new cultural center of Paros. The island’s rich history, art, architecture, unique characteristics, and significant seasonal variations in the local population were all influential factors in shaping the composition.

The capital of Paros, Parikia, was selected as the site for the new cultural center, specifically the plot known as Agrokipio, which holds great importance. The initial focus of the composition of the cultural center was on establishing an urban connection by integrating rural Agrokipio into Parikia’s urban fabric.

The existing vegetation played a vital role as a synthetic tool, aiming to dissolve current boundaries, organize the flow of people, and interconnect the various functions of the cultural center. This approach seeks to make Agrokipio an active and integral part of both the city and the island, capable of accommodating the new buildings that will house diverse cultural facilities.

These facilities will include exhibition spaces, theaters, screening rooms, educational and recreational workshops, a library, as well as conference rooms. The synthesis aims to maximize functionality while minimizing intervention on the site. The cultural center is defined by distinct and dynamic synthetic gestures.

The design of the new cultural center of Paros draws inspiration from the archetypal Cycladic simplicity and embraces the Mediterranean triptych of indoor, outdoor, and in-between spaces. This design philosophy promotes social interaction, outdoor living, and the essential relationship with light, which are considered fundamental for the creation and understanding of Cycladic culture.

As a natural extension of the broader cultural park of Agrokipio, the new cultural center may be understated in its form, but it serves as a social catalyst and a space for creativity. It represents a new landmark for Paros and the Cyclades, fostering cultural promotion by bridging the past and present and employing education and artistic creation as a pathway to envision the future.

Location: Paros, Greece
Architects: Pyliotis Alkiviadis, Fokialis Evangelos
Architect Consultant: Papaioannou Tassis (Professor at N.T.U.A.),
Civil Engineer Consultant: Papathanasiou Alkimos (EPILYSI Structural Engineering Firm)
Mechanical Engineer Consultant: Sourilas Konstantinos (KNS engineering consultants)
Project Type: Academic (National Technical University of Athens)
Area: 3300 m2
Project Year: 2017