Archive ad Infinitum

Archive ad Infinitum
The Archive as an Entity
“This circle was a temple which had been devoured by ancient fires, profaned by the miasmal jungle, and whose god no longer received the homage of men.” Jorge Luis Borges

In the vastness of the forest, a simple and pure geometry – that of the circle- succeeds terms of coexistence between building and forest. The circle, a universal symbol of unity, carries meanings that transcend cultures, borders, and languages. It keeps emerging in different times in various religious rituals and depictions. Symbolizing a never-ending journey, a place for introspection, the circle here becomes a space to look back upon the journey so far, as well as a space to regather before carrying on to their final destination.

The tilted, circular volume emerges from the ground and follows the steep slope of the mountain. In this proposal, the spatial experience consists of three distinct spatial conditions. The archive, which is placed in the exterior part of the circle, defines a boundary in the vast forest and highlights the chair archive as an entity; Τhe “infinite” ramp (circulation zone), located in the inner part of the circle which motivates the visitor to constantly move between the forest and the chair archive; Τhe In-between spaces, between the ramp and the archive, which ensure the comfortable operation and maintenance of the chair collection.

Beyond the specifics, the museum is characterized by a duality. The monumental scale versus the humble modular system of its structure. A structure that is made of slender wooden elements, touches the ground with the least possible footprint. The museum gently sits upon the landscape light while generous. In the heart of the forest, the museum is equally present as it is absent.

Location: Hokaido, Japan

Architect: Alkiviadis Pyliotis, 

Studio Instructor: Toshiko Mori 

Location: Hokkaido, Japan  

Project Year: 2020  Project Type: Academic (Harvard GSD)