P4architecture Studio Messini

P4architecture Studio Messini
“Space is the breath of art.”  Frank Lloyd Wright

Κeeping Wright’s quote in mind, we attempted to turn an old enclosed space, which used to host a warehouse and similar commercial uses, into an architectural office-workshop.

The first step was to remove all unnecessary plasterboard constructions, as well as the metallic loft that divided the space as to the horizontal axis. This aimed to highlight the original dimensions of the shell and the building’s interesting reinforced concrete body, paired with a concrete- grid Zellner slab that imposes an internal rhythm to the structure.

Concerning the visitor’s course, the single space is organized by a linear course and two stops. The first stop is by a centered work bench in front of the large glazing, while the second stop is to the background, specifically by a linear bench that hosts meetings and presentations. As a counterpoint, on either side of the two benches there are high cases – bookcases with shelves and cabinets, for the purposes of storing archives and necessary draftmodels.

A large board of presentations is planned to be placed along the visitor’s linear course. The frequent alternation of patterns, references, and materials posted on this board showcases the vibrancy and pulse of the office’s work in terms of space and color. The entrance is marked by a protruding overhanging canopy, which follows the imaginary extension of the linear course.

Finally, a large metal perforated filter is placed in front of the stairwells, organizing the main entrance facade. This filter protects against the intense solar radiation during the afternoon hours and muffles the intense traffic noises from the adjacent road. All these improve the internal conditions significantly.

Each material used is kept in its natural color, avoiding additional dyes. Generally the materials of the building suffice to colors ranging from off-white to rough plaster, wood and metal.

Incorporating distinctive architectural gestures, the workplace that emerges attempts to act as a background for the work to be produced, without unnecessary constructions and flares. This is a composition that is deliberately subordinate to the future compositions it is invited to host.

Location: Messini, Greece
Architect: Pyliotis Konstantinos
Structural Engineer: Pyliotis Stavros
Area: 55 m2
Project Year: 2014
Project Type: Office Building
Status: Completed